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Pikachu has been around since the beginning and still remains one of the most recognizable Pokemon and video game characters across the globe. Even though he looks and seems extremely happy, Pikachu has been hiding some dark secrets over the years, including some facts Nintendo will never want fans to know!

Pikachu is like many characters with signature names, but Nintendo tried to expand his with a little French touch. Pokemon training has really done a number on Pikachu over the years as his shape and form has resulted in major body changes and some obvious weight loss. Thanks to some special potions, Pikachu has the ability to combine with humans which is something Ash knows all too well. Pikachu is simply known as Pikachu across the globe, but the name actually does translate into different meanings. Pikachu has been a Thanksgiving star year after year, but there have been times where the small creature looks a little deflated. Pikachu seeks out attention and his ego complex allows him to be one of your starting Pokemon if you know the proper trick. The baby form of Pikachu is known as Pichu and it’s clear why people choose to start with Pikachu over him. Pikachu wasn’t always supposed to be the face of the Pokemon franchise. He worked his way up the ladder and became a sensation while Clefairy was left in the dust. Pikachu may be a fictional character, but somehow, he has infused himself into all of us over the years. Watch to see all these dark secrets!

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