Do you cosplay in public? ^^ Do you want to cosplay in public when you go shopping or go to grocery store or go out have fun? Hope you enjoy this video. ^^ I cosplayed all day in public. People were very nice to me. They liked this outfits. They were a lot of people walked up me and said ” I like your outfits” and took pictures with me. Please let me know if you like this kind of video? I will cosplay more characters in public in the future ^^

Thank you so much xcoser sending this costume. It’s perfect.
I’m really in love with the costume and wig, great quality. This costume is super cute. I’m impressed with this wig. It didn’t get tangled after I wore it all day. It also very easy to comb it.
Link of the Nozomi Tojo Cosplay Love Live Nozomi Tojo Cosplay Cheongsam

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