Pricing (Cheapest to Most Expensive):
Headbase: 30 Dollars
Headbase with eyes: 35 Dollars
Headbase with lined mouth: 35 Dollars
Headbase with Teeth & Tongue: 35 Dollars
Headbase w/ teeth, tongue, lined mouth, and eyes: 45 Dollars
Head: 100 Dollars, increased on complexity of character
Head+ Armsleeves: 110
Head+ Tail: 120 Dollars
Head+ Tail+ Armsleeves: 130

I also have the brown sergal featured in the video for sale at the moment for 50 Dollars. The partial comes with short armsleeves, a long tail, bandana and art.

If interested, contact me through:

Instagram: fluffyhairedfursuiter

Thanks for watching!