“Attitude City” physical CD:
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Written, composed, and performed by Ninja Sex Party (Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht)

The Cast:
Main Victim – Zan Alda
Hellslaves – Jared Rosen, Vernon Shaw
Other victims – Jack Douglass, Barry Kramer
Demon Girls – Maxine Hupy, Kristen Ige
Demons – Evan McGee, Jared Rosen
Giant Dancing Cookie – Kati Schwartz

The Crew:
Director – Aaron Umetani
Editing & Visual Effects – Garret Fallin
Assistant Director – Austin Herring
Associate Producer – Jason Serrato


From the darkest pits of the deepest well
We’re Ninja Sex Party and we’ve come from hell
You curse as our name passes your lips
We’re the two horsemen of the Rockpocalypse

Flying on the backs of flaming horses
We’ll ride into your town and leave nothing but corpses
We’ll kill your family and scream obscenities
The streets will flow with the blood of our enemies

Death and destruction are all around
We’re motherfucking evil and we’ll never slow down
We are the nightmares you should be afraid of
There is just one thing we love and that’s

Cookies!  Yaaaaay!
Cookies!  Pass the milk please!
Everybody loves cookies hooray!


All your nightmares have come to life
The horror survives in the darkest of night
Take a final breath in our realm of hate
And wish for merciful death as we eat this plate of

Cookies!   They’re the taste of happy!
Cookies!   Chocolate chips for everyone!
Cookies!   The demons are consuming me!
Everybody eat some cookies today!

That fuckin’ do anything for you…Megadeth?