Halloween is approaching quickly, so it’s time to make costumes. For an updated take on a witch’s robe, I created a kimono jacket that’s hand painted, with a sun and moon back applique. This tutorial will cover how to make a basic kimono jacket including sewing a French seam and hemming clothing. For the hand painted pattern, I show you how to splatter paint fabric and create a simple pattern with fabric paint. To create the back design, I show you how to create a fusible applique and use satin zigzag stitching to encase the raw edges. It will also go over finishing details like how to use bias tape on the curved kimono neckline. Also, how to add fringe to the kimono jacket sleeves for added movement and boho vibes.

Even if you wouldn’t wear this as a costume, it’s a great bohemian jacket to wear over dresses, or jeans and a t-shirt. This is a work and school appropriate costume that isn’t an offensive appropriation of witchcraft and wiccans. To complete this outfit as a costume, pair it with a black dress, black boots, a stone necklace you’re drawn to, simple hair that you like, and some earthy makeup. I made this for an adult, but you could scale it to fit a teen or child. You can also alter the colors, applique motif and trims to fit your own design style. I think this would be a pretty sweet super hero costume, which was my original concept that morphed into a witch’s jacket I know I will wear on warm days.

Fairfield World and Decorative Trimmings provided me with their products for this project. Fairfield World paid me to create this project and tutorial. All video, images, instructions, and opinions are my own.

3.5-4 Yards black cotton
Black thread
1 Yard Fairfield World Stick Fusible Interfacing
1 Yard Decorative Trimmings 4″ black chainette fringe
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in metallic gold
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in metallic platinum
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in matte glacier white

Clear quilting ruler
White chalk
Straight pins
Sewing machine
Stiff paintbrush
Detail paintbrush
Paper towels
Paper plate
Cup of water
Parchment paper
Ironing board

Pippi – Russian Blue/grey

Sophie – Tuxedo/black and white

Darcy – Tortie Tabby/speckled & striped orange, brown, black and white (I cut her out of the video, but I’m sure she’ll make many appearances as our new cat)