So I drew some tiny goth girls, I actually have like 5 other doodles of groups of four goth girls just hanging out on my computer, so I might draw some more goth/punk/emo goth girls in the future. Just cause I love goth girls and drawing them (I love drawing all girls tbh so I’ll probably end up drawing preppy, nerd, etc girls as well)

I drew Gaz from invader Zim, Lucy from the loud house, Mandy from Billy and Mandy and lastly Lenore from Lenore the cute little dead girl book series. I kinda forgot about their ages and drew them more like if they were teenagers, but I did draw them as chibis as well so I guess those can be their younger selves LOL

That’s actually a good video idea, maybe I’ll draw a couple of cartoon characters and try to design/draw them out as if they were older or younger ages (depends on the characters), that could be a lot of fun LOL

Tell me if you guys would like to see me draw this idea, cause honestly I might now, Also if you guys want me to draw more of goth girls of course tell me and like the video so I know ^^

Anyway I hope you guys like this video and I hope you all have a wonderful day ^^


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