Well.. not much to say, ofc as always..

I wish I weren’t a girl or at least I wish I were a bigender because I wanna have my children. I am a transgender boy. But it starts to seen I can’t show it up in front of people because it might be “confusing” or “weird” as my parents say and other people. According to other humans, “if I am in a female body, I am a girl and that’s it.”
Fuck this stupid society!
And I even have to put up with these stupid asks people do to me, can’t they think by them selfs for just a minute? I am fed up of these shitty asks but I answer:
:: If I could turn into a boy and still being with my partner, YES. I would stay with him OF COURSE I wouldn’t leave him for nothing in this world. :: And so the same he does to me, he knows about my brain bugs, all of then tbh.
It looks so like people never heard about homossexual couples.

I’ve been trying and struggling to grow up just a little faster, I want to get a job, have my own place and live alone or with my mate, whatever, living an adult life, I know it gets a lot worse than the actual one I have but if we don’t pass through hard things we won’t ever grow up to get away from the “easy life”

Well, I’m sorry guys for my vents, problems and coming up with my “sensibilities”.
After all I won’t ever stop being so “arrogant”, “dark”, “Immature”, “lazy”, “depressed emo that likes and choses for being in depression” as people see that on me, because that’s just what I am. And I am not depressed, I am just mad ok?..

well guys/ subs/ my lovely bitchies.. SORRY again for getting kinda away from the animash and using Levi Ackerman on my editions, I am deeply in love with this character, I’ve been feeling inspired with him and I feel myself identified with Levi, he’s really similar as me sometimes too. Also I made an Attack on Titan vines before this video too, I had turned a huge fan of the anime ;–;

Peace out!
-Aksha ☽