Hey everyone! I meant to post the photo of what I did in the video, but I forgot! You can find them here: and here: !

Music in the video is Crystal Castles, and you can find them on soundcloud! This is the link with the download:

Instagram: @aycarter
Tumblr: dyspnoeic.net

For the makeup I used:
I used a mascara (clinique and maybelline) for the beard. A stipple sponge with a black creme works best though.
The rest of it was contouring with a dark shadow! I used Sephora for mine.
The wig is a REALLY TERRIBLE wig from ebay. It was not like it looked in the description, and I would not recommend it. For guy wigs, you can either cut your own or look up “male cosplay wig” or “male wig”