Should We Follow the Fashion?

Fashion is often associated with what pop stars or celebrities are wearing, but it actually refers to much more than that and expensive clothing produced by leading designers. Instead it means clothing style wore by general people in special time. I think following fashion is great because of the following reasons.

For one thing, fashion adds individuality to life with its different colors, various styles, and distinct formality degrees. The clothing industries pay full attention to the colors, patterns and materials and develop a large rank of products. Just imagine if all the people wore the same uniform, the world would become dull and out of order. The wrong person will be recognized all the time. Different ways of dressing give us different mood and fit for various occasions. Besides, we often could judge the character by a persons clothing. Hence fashion changes satisfy our desire for new feeling and beautiful styles.

For another, fashion can distinguish the generation from the generation. Generation gap exists from the very beginning. There are many aspects which include the way of dressing. In the last century you seldom see the mini-skirt existing on the street, but now girls with shorter and shorter dresses are seen everywhere. Many old people still cant accept this kind of fashionable dress. Clothes are no longer worn for keeping us warm or cool. It shows our intention to differentiate from the last generation and becomes a symbol of the developing era.

Last but not least, mass production makes fashionable clothing cheaper than before, available to everyone. You spend the less money and buy the beautiful clothes Thanks to the fast-speed develop of the clothing industry, more and more well-designed clothes are within our reach. If you were an expert in knowing what is fashionable in every special time, you could buy the clothes which stand the test of time and never be out of date.

Fashion seems to be the popular topic in any countries. The clothing industry is doomed to be success in the near future under the fast-pace development of our society. Judging from the above analysis, it is not a bad thing for the consumers to keep pace with the times and stay in fashion.