My apologies if I sound strangely quiet in this one! I was trying not to invoke the wrath of my dogs (which ends up happening anyways lol)

It took eight times to get this video rendered by thE WAY HHHH

Here are the Sims4 packs I have, if you were curious!
Like 99% of the clothing/hair I use is from the game and these packs. Most of the makeup and accessories are custom!

– Get to Work
– City Living
– Outdoor Retreat
– Movie Hangout Stuff
– Spa Day
– Vampires
– Backyard Stuff
– Luxury Party Stuff
– Perfect Patio

Extra Thoughts!

I know I said I had some extra things to day, but, now that I’m here….I totally forgot uh *jimmies through pockets*

So this isn’t the best rendition of each character since I wanted to challenge myself with using mostly game-content but I had fun all the same

👻Kassian Notes👻
His traits are Loner, Perfectionist and Ambitious.
Erratic was a close one but the straight-jacket was a bit of a turn off lol.
The hat and glasses were a blessing, I had no idea Movie Hangout had those and I was ecstatic. I tried recreating his ‘beach goth’ look from the summer lineup I did a while ago. I love those swim trunks, man.
I think what’s holding me back so much with this version of him is that I think he doesnt look enough like a goofy halloween character for me LOL.
I think I might have been generous with his sense of fashion. Kassian as a human would probably thrift shop a lot of ugly looking clothing. My minds eye sees visions of leopard print sweats and uggs and neon colors. But we can’t break aesthetic. He has to remind people of the Presence of Goth and ART HIPSTER. He probably enjoys pretending to be an art snob while holding fancy camera equipment upside down in a very “I’m well aware I have no idea what I’m doing” sort of way. Human Kassian has probably only used a disposable kodak camera in his life.

🧚🏻Robin Notes🧚🏻
Her traits are Snob, Hotheaded and self-assured. She’s VERY fun to play.
I think I remember saying she’s like goth or something, but I probably meant pastel goth. Goth is more like a mindset for her.
Whenever I put her in the sims, all other sims migrate to her room. I think it’s because she’s got the fancy stuff.
It’s so weird having to CAS her when her sim is constantly smiling. She’s so unrecognizable ghghfj I think my mistake was picking like two of the least preppy characters I have to be made into sims.

I made her one of them gem-finder things for an aspiration, but I think she’d rather take on something in the business field. She’d be ruthless. I love Robin.

🤔Other things!🤔

People have been asking about the Drawing Your OCs thing and when it’s okay to send characters in.
Answer is: It’s always okay folks! Just follow the description on Episode one for details on how to enter and just DO IT.

I’ve been asked to do a Q/A and that’s on the list! Probably the video after the on I’m working on as we speak. Thank you for suggesting!

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“The Snow Queen” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Frozen Star” Kevin MacLeod (
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