Posted May 2, 2018.

This video is Rated PG by the creator.
Made a week ago in two days.
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This was made for fun and for my fellow Deviants on DeviantArt! I apologize for the lighting in the clips where I am dancing in my living room. Me and my cousins tried to fix it by putting 10 lamps around the room. I would like to point out that I went too far on my eyebrows which is why I may look mad and not enjoying myself in the video. I promise you I was enjoying it and I wasn’t mad at all that day.

Show: RWBY
Character: Blake Bellidona
Genre: Cosplay Dance
Type: Drag dance and Ballet.
Cosplayer: Me.
Software: iMovie and

This dance video has the permission to be used for MMDs and inspirational dance. I ask you to keep the comments clean of anything negative and profanity because of younger viewers.

Thanks for watching and Keep being Awesome yourself!