Do you ever make something and then ask yourself: “Why did I make that”?

I’m kind of really glad Shiro isn’t actually like this. This is just a silly parody. I hope you weren’t expecting too much when you clicked on this “^^

I’m not gonna lie – this was SO MUCH FUN AHAHA :,D Especially the “voice acting.” I know I’m a noob, but I’ve never done this before so cut me some slack!! Plus I’m not British, so hopefully your ears aren’t bleeding after my Allura impression :^)
Also, did I mention that this is extremely embarrassing for me to post??? HAHaHAHahH-

Anyway, this is a big step up for me and my animations – even if it’s pretty lame 😀

Software/hardware used:
– Clip Studio Paint Pro
– VSDC Video Editor
– Audacity
– Levelator
– Blue Yeti microphone
– my laptop
– my parents’ closet