Having a chill night with Drew. Since I’ll be getting copyright anyway, I thought I would share with you behind the scenes…. and why I always mute my video’s audio. Just chillin with some pretty cool peeps talking about Magic the gathering, Yugioh, goth girls who work at trading card shops, makeup, birth control, smol bean Joji/papa franku…. you know the usual. AND y’all can hear my music playlist now.

Our matching dresses are from my lolita dress.

Many thanks to The Kawaii Society for allowing me to staple a BabyFace Booty!

Most of you already follow them BUT ANYWAY check out Drew Disaster and Golden Voice Gamer!

**I decided to keep my intro/outro until I have a sit down talk with you all about this revamp
67k! Thanks so much for supporting me and watching my transformation all these years. You will always be appreciated.

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Filmed and Edited by myself
audio: built-in
Music: Intro by: Natsu Fuji

lighting: any available light (natural sunlight, ring light, light bulbs lol)
editing: Adobe Premiere Pro 6