Hey guys!
So I’ve been wanting to put together a summer goth lookbook and show some of the things I normally wear during the summer or to the beach. I couldn’t find all of the clothes I wanted to wear for this outfit so I might do another one in the future or next summer. What was your favorite outfit? Leave a comment down below and also leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet!

1st outfit: Summer Vampire
Lace bell sleeve top from the thrift store
Mesh split leg maxi skirt from the thrift store
Wide brim hat from Forever 21
Tombstone purse from Killstar
Fishnets from Hottopic
Boots from Forever 21

Outfit 2:
Peasant dress from Goodwill ( I really like the sleeves on this one and it gives Medieval peasant vibes)
Shorts from Forever 21

Outfit 3: Beach Goth
One piece bathing suit from Hottopic (reminds me a lot of Vampira’s iconic beach shoot)
Lace robe from the thrift store
Choker from Hottopic
(Would look super cute with wedges or platform sandals)

Outfit 4: Y2K Goth
Crop top from the thrift store
Tripp skirt from the thrift store (I got it for only $3!) Also the skirt unzips into a mini skirt for when it’s too hot!
Belt is from Hottopic
Platform bat wing boots are from Iron Fist but I purchased them from Hottopic

Outfit 5:
See through mesh shirt with flowers is from the thrift store (it’s a button up shirt but looks super cute tied up)
Lace up black shorts are from the thrift store
pair it with some platform sandals and it would look super cute

Outfit 6:
Cropped fringe shirt is from Agaci
Leather shorts are from Forever 21
Fluffy sandals are from Charlette

Outfit 5: Chola goth
Black jumpsuit is from the thrift store
Wedges were gifted from a friend
Earrings are from Charlotte Russe

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