In today’s cosmetics world, the darkly inclined have more quality options than ever before and I find it can be difficult to choose wisely(especially since most of these options are only available for us to purchase online.) So I’ve put together a compendium of Black Liquid Lipsticks for all you creatures of the night in hopes of making the choosing a little easier.

I know it’s quite a long video, so I’ve placed a shortcut list below. Also, please excuse my occasional sailor’s mouth, black liquid lipsticks move me to cursing, apparently. Leave any questions you may have in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap!

-the Saramonster

Music by:
Ludovico Technique



Makeup Monsters, “Darkness Prevails” – 3:01

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, “Black Cat” – 6:02

Jeffree Star Cosmetics, “Weirdo” – 8:02

Lime Crime, “Black Velvet” – 11:43

LA Splash, “Venom” – 15:14

Summary – 20:22