This time around we find our heroes in a city a short distance away from Pasalaqua called Region City. At one time this Central Florida city was one of the safest cities in Polk County until gang activity unlike any other ravaged it. This gang killing most of the police force with practically no effort at all. Thus causing the chief of police to create a new force consisting of some of the cities greatest bounty hunter. Raz helped cereal rapist, Pervy Pants, escape the asylum but changes his mind when an old friend shows up to aid in the Region Legions latest plan to destroy the city. For Pervy Pants, the plot in this episode helps to aid in his revenge against former Afterworld angel, Luna Landcaster.


Agent Mark Dark:
Age- 25
Height- 5’8
Weight- 173lbs
Catchphrases: “This Is Code Green”
Mark Dark is the chief of police in Region City Florida. Once an airforce pilot during the mid thousands retired and ran what was at one time the greatest police force in the history of the city. Once The Region Legion Murdered the police force, he hired the cities finest bounty hunters to take on the job. Also pitching a helping hand himself. He calls this project The BDA. The Bounty Deputy Alliance

Benji Dark: AKA The Emo Ninja
Age- 19
Height- 5’8
weight- 145lbs
Catchphrases: “Ninja Razorblades” Any variation of emo stereotypes
Benji is the brother to Mark Dark. During the attack of the Region Legion, he got married to his highschool sweetheart, Luna Landcaster, and moved into a home together outside of the city. He began feeling remourse for his older brother to whom was the chief of police. His wife had began to train him to be a crime fighter. Originally, his gimmick was a emo pirate ninja but eventually dropped the pirate act. At this point in time he had retired from being the Emo Ninja so he could try to start a family and earn an honest living as a pizza delivery guy for Han Cock Pizza.

Luna Landcaster
Age- 19
Height- 5’8
weight- 145lbs
The sister of Arkayus’s girlfriend, Cassandra. When Choepathus sent her to find Benji Dark to train him to be one of Earths mightiest warriors she got sidetracked and fell in love with him. They got married. A year later she began to train him to protect the earth. At this point in time, She is a house wife and still hopes that one day he will return. especially when some thugs hold his brother hostage inside the BDA office.

Perry Pervers: AKA Pervy Pants
age- 23
height- 5’7
weight- 140lbs
catchphrases- “Pardon my insulent behavior for intruding but you are about to face the wrath of……. PERVY PANTS!”
Technically not a member of the Region Legion, Pervy Pants is a serial rapist that lurks throughout the backstreets of Region City. As a child growing up people made fun of him for being ugly. Throughout middle and highschool, he faced rejection from many of girls due to his uglyness. He finally snapped and decided to take force upon the women of Region City and Pasalaqua. He wears pants with the words PERVY written on them and wears glow in the dark face paint that is made up to make him look clownish. He also has ties to Pasalaquas, The IT.

Cheyanne Balting: AKA The Cos-player
age- 21
height- 5’8
weight- 130lbs
catchphrases- “Yoonicorns and Pizzer Rolls!”
Cheyanne is a HUGE fan of cartoons and Anime and travels all over the world to take part in conventions of all sorts. She really isn’t so much a villain. Her only guilty pleasure is using cosplay and seduction on men she wishes to be with romantically and sexually. She has had a number of partners all over Vastball Universe and wishes for nothing more than to be with a superhero and seeks The Emo Ninja in this branch.

Johnson is the only african american male in the BDA and is known for bringing down hundreds of smalltime gangsters and drug lords.

Written By: Thomas Napier

Music By:
Nuttin But Strings
Sounds of Horror
Future World Music
Eternal Ring
Danson Beats
Mario Kart 64
Crash Bandicoot Warped
Crash Bandicoot Twin Sanity
Mortal Kombat 2

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