I couldnt help getting into the Nu Goth and Pastel Goth discussion. In this video I express my ideas about what I think about these two styles and wether or not they can be defined as goth. Unfotuenatly I recorded this video before having an interesting discussion about this yesterday (and partly today) with someone living in America. It seems as if there are more people there doing it only as a fashion statement and I could understand his frustration and unwillingness to call it goth. However if that is true, they will soon find a new fashion or maybe they will start digging deeper after a while.

I somehow feel the need to say this one extra time: I’m not a person who generally call myself goth. The reason mainly because I want to feel free to express myself in many different ways and labels can be limiting. I have also had bad experience with elitism when I was younger. I have a “cute and bubbly” personality that some don’t think belong within the label, it seems as if Im just always taken as a poser wherever I go X-) Lately I have however used the term and I find it to be a good way of getting in contact with others with similar interests as me.

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