Oh hii! I meant to upload this about 2 years ago but was too picky with it. This definitely isn’t my best and I’m sorry. I just wanted to upload it because I feel like it would be a waste if I never did. It’s not completely finished. This video mainly represented what I was going through 2 years ago. Just listen to the lyrics and if you’re curious where I got a specific item, let me know in the comments! This was a really rough time but I’m glad to say IM BACK. I don’t wanna say I’m 100% back with uploading 24/7 but I wanna try.

I’m back but I want to start uploading different content.. I got more involved with video games and Twitch! Follow my twitch channel @Missjoolie. So I would like to upload some gaming content on this channel instead when I have the time. If I can, I would want to upload some fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well. But right now, I’m more focused on wanting to share this passion I always had and that is gaming. I know it’s totally opposite of what I usually upload but I just wanted to say thanks for always supporting me if you still are here!